Ontario Marriage Licence

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What forms do I need?

 Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Along with planning the details for your wedding ceremony and reception, make sure you complete the proper legal forms.  You will need to apply for a marriage license to make the marriage legal. Visit Service Ontario website for the Marriage Certificate

What are the fees?

 You can apply for a marriage license by completing and signing a form with your fiancé(e). Bring your original identification documents and the completed form to your local city hall. 

The license will only be valid for 90 days – you will need to marry within this time frame so make sure you apply for the license around 3 months before your wedding date. The current fee to obtain a marriage license is $140. 

What if I am a divorcee?


If you or your fiancé are previously divorced, you will need to submit additional documents with your license application.

  • For divorces within Canada, you simply need to attach your divorce order or certificate with your license application.

  • For divorces outside of Canada, you will need to attach three additional documents to your license application:

  1. Your divorce decree/judgement/certificate.

  2. A foreign divorce opinion letter

  3. Signed and completed Statement of Sole Responsibility (per divorce)

The Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter is a lawyer’s written opinion that the foreign divorce should be recognized as valid in Ontario. You can obtain a letter by bringing the original documents finalizing your divorce to a lawyer for review. If the document is not in English or French, your lawyer may require a certified translation of the document.

The Statement of Responsibility is a signed recognition by yourself and your fiancé that the recognition of the foreign divorce in Ontario does not mean it will be a valid divorce in a different jurisdiction. You will need to sign the Statement for each previous foreign divorce by yourself or your fiancé. You can find the form here:  Statement of Sole Responsibility


What is the difference between marriage license and  marriage certificate?


A marriage license is not a marriage certificate. A marriage license is obtained before marriage and is completed by the Officiant and signed by the witnesses.  The Officiant then sends the document to the ministry to be processed.


You will need to make a separate application for the certificate after you are married. Your marriage certificate will clearly state it is a certificate on the top corner of the document.

Do I Need a Marriage Certificate?


No. If you completed all the legal requirements including obtaining the marriage license and the legal proceedings before an officiant, you will be deemed married.

The marriage certificate simply provides proof of your marriage for applications ranging from name changes to estate settlements to divorce. You can apply for your marriage certificate online or in person. There is a $15.00 fee for this service.

If completing the request online,
visit:  Online Application

In person applications complete the following form: Marriage Certificate


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