Notarization, Certification, Commissioning

$15.00 + hst

  • Where the original document can be found only on a webpage of an Internet website, or in an email; we provide an Electronic Document Certification Service whereby the Notary will certify the printout is a true copy of the electronic document.

  • You MUST bring the website and/or email address, and a printout and/or photocopy for each of your electronic documents.

  • We can view your electronic documents on our computer or have the website and/or email address already visible on your own electronic device when you arrive at our office. The Notary must be able to watch the downloading of each document.

  • A multi-page document requires only 1 seal. The Notary will seal the 1st page and signature stamp other pages. If 5 or more pages, there is an extra fee of $0.25 per page.

  • You can bring another person's documents; the documents don't have to belong to you.

  • When making an appointment with our office please indicate how many of your original documents will be electronic documents so we can set aside more time for your appointment.


Disclaimer: Traditionally, a Notary only certifies copies of original documents that are in the Notary's possession. An Electronic Certification as described above may not meet the legal requirements of the institution requesting the documents. It is your responsibility to confirm whether an Electronic Certification will satisfy your particular institution's requirements.


Review our "Must do List" before arriving.

Electronic Documents

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